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Theatre Coaching for all artists. Specializing in everything audition related. Gain a unique perspective from someone currently in the business. Whether you need a little re-vamp or a step by step guide Jenna is here to help you say, Problem Solved.

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Problem Solved Launch Party

Come one, Come all

This Launch is all about artists supporting other artists. All while celebrating the start of a new beginning and business adventure. There will be free food and drink, giveaways, raffles, performances of past clients, an Open Piano Bar, and an incredible lineup of fellow artist vendors! Just to name a few things planned! Bring your best friend, bring your mom, bring your sister’s roomates’s younger brother! ALL are welcome.
Make sure to bring your audition book or sheet music so you can join in for the Open Piano Bar!

When: Saturday, May 18th
Time: 1 PM-4 PM
Where: Ripley Grier Studios 
520 8th Ave
16th Floor, Room 16D
*need ID to get into building*


Get to know the face behind problem solved


Welcome! My name is Jenna Leigh Miller I am a Tony Award viewing actress based in New York City. I hold a BFA in Musical Theatre from Otterbein University. I first came across Musical Theatre on a Brownies trip to NYC, when I saw Beauty & the Beast, ever since then I was hooked! I started singing at a young age of 3 years old, at my local church. I truly was singing before I was talking. I have been working regionally since summer freshman year of college, where I played Martha Cox in High School Musical in Salem, Oregon. My favorite credits include visiting the Nicest Kids in Town” in Baltimore twice, playing Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray the Musical and finding The Hair as Yellow as Corn” playing the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods. I have had the opportunity to work on such amazing projects, I am so grateful I get to do what I love for a living. My last semester of college was spent interning at Tara Rubin Casting in New York City. Where I learned what it takes to be behind the audition table. If you want to learn more about my performance background head to my actress website below.


Problem Solved

How did the business start?

I love auditioning. Yes, you read that right, I love auditioning. I love the rush of adrenaline going into an open call and nailing the audition. Planning out the perfect outfit, practicing my audition cut till I can sing it backwards, meeting new people in the holding room, and so on. I have a passion about auditioning. I wanted everyone to feel the same joy I felt about auditioning. I know my opinion is not the norm, most people think auditioning is the worst part of the process. I think it is the best!

I wanted to create a service for people who bailed on auditions because they didn’t know what to sing, they didn't have anything in that specific genre, they didn’t have clothes in the style of the show, they were too self conscience in their dance outfit, they didn’t get an audition appointment, they didn’t want to get up early for an open call. I wanted to help all my friends who have ever told me one or multiple of these things.

This is what sparked the idea. I had one of those what if” moments. What if I could help artists live to their fullest audition potential? What if I could inspire one other person with my tips and tricks, I have learned along the way? What if I could pay my rent by doing something I love? What if I put myself out there and trust the universe that people will find what I’m sharing useful? What if…? This is when I decided to put all these what if’s into action. That is when Problem Solved was born.



what can you expect if you work with problem solved?

I want to help performers be MORE than their excuses. I strongly believe, if you show up, put in the work, more opportunities will come knocking on your door. As artists we have a responsibility to push ourselves. The learning is never done. So I will push you because I want you to grow.

Problem Solved is all about Community > Competition. You don’t have to dull someone else’s light, so you can shine more. Artists need to support other artists. That is why I keep my prices at an affordable rate. I understand the struggles of a starving artist who also wants to grow their craft at the same time.

I want to help light the spark of inspiration back into your career. When we are done, you will feel prepared, calm, and be organized. You will be READY to attack your next audition with confidence and zazz. You have a problem and I have a solution. I want to help you say, Problem Solved.


current obsessions

Auditioning (duh)
Rachel Hollis Collection
The Greatest Showman
Iced Chai Latte
Into the Woods
Quote Books
Hairspray the Musical
Roasted Brussel Sprouts


What Goes In...



You have a problem and I have a solution. I am here to help you get to the next level. Find material that screams YOU, prep for the ever so daunting college audition process, booking that dream show, branding your business so it leaps off the page, and creating a reel that keeps your viewers engaged the entire time. All while looking and feeling amazing in your own skin. Whatever your need is, I am here to help you say, Problem Solved.


Audition Book RE-Vamp

We all have that one song that makes us feel amazing when we bring it into an audition room. But what happens when that song doesn't work for your next audition? 

Problem Solved. 

I am here to help you find material that screams YOU. We will work to see what's special about your song selections and find pieces that are unique to you. Not to mention songs that you actually love to sing.

By the end of our time working together you will have songs that make you feel comfortable and confident when you walk into that audition room. 

Success in booking a role is the result of hard work and going that extra mile. I am here to find you pieces that make you stand out. So going that extra mile doesn't have to seem so scary anymore.



15 Songs for $35

30 Songs for $55

Mini Book Re-Vamp $100

Total Book Re-Vamp for $185

Work Session $35 per Hour



Listen, we have all been there. When you tried on so many outfits, there is a layer of clothes covering your floor. When you are finding dance shoes in every bag you own. Have you ever been so stressed to find the "perfect" audition outfit? 

problem solved.

I can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, in whatever you end up wearing! We can work together to find clothes that you love and feel amazing in.

Whether it's an initial audition, final callback, or that dance call you have been eyeing up, you need to look and feel your best. I am here to help you do just that.



3 Outfits for $45

5 Outfits for $70

8 Outfits for $100

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College audition prep

For someone going into the arts, college auditions can seem like such a foreign concept. "Where do I even begin to start when looking for the right schools for me?"

problem solved.

With my help you will be ready to face your college dreams head on. But, where do you even begin to start? I will help you narrow down what schools are the best fit for your needs and wants.

I will help you find material that is age appropriate, that you relate to, and lets your inner light shine through. You want to be presenting your best self.

Let's be real for a second, not only do you have to get accepted into the school, you have to get accepted into the program as well. I am here to help you find and get accepted into the school of your dreams.



10 Piece Material Pack for $40

30 Piece Material Pack $70

Total College Audition Package $200

Work Session $40 per Hour



There is so much in this business that you can't control. But what you can control is how you present yourself. And I mean in person AND online. Your brand should leap off the page and showcase your personality without even trying. So, what's your brand?

problem solved.

We will identify what your business is. To make a mark online so people will be able to identify you without all the tricks and gimmicks. You, Yourself, and Your Brand.

A brand is more than a logo or slogan. It’s who you are. I will help your voice soar through your social media so people will feel like your sitting right next to them.



30 Minute session for $40

60 Minute session for $70

Total Branding Package $150

Social Media Audit for $25


Non-equity theatre list

I wanted to get more audition appointments and be seen by theatres even if I couldn't attend auditions in-person. Are you ready to take control of your own career?

Problem Solved. 

The Non-Equity Theatre List is a document that has over 300 theatres all across the US. It has four columns with all the information you need to book your own audition appointments and your dream job.

This list includes theatres that are EMC (Equity Membership Candidate), Non-Equity, and Equity that have Non-Equity Contracts.

The first column has all the theatre names. The second column is the theatre’s location. Column three is the web address for their audition page. And the fourth column is just for you and your notes.



$20 for the Non-Equity Theatre List

$5 for updated version (released approx. ever 6 months)



Are you still using a monologue from Theatre Camp ten years ago, because you don’t know where to find new material? I am here to help. I will find you pieces that you actually want to perform. Are you ready to level up your monologue game?

Problem Solved. 

Monologues are a great way to show your personal style and personality. You want a piece that is relatable, but also challenges you to show off your acting technique.

We will work together to find material you are confident about. Material that is age, theme, and length appropriate. Material you will feel excited to share with others.



5 Monologues for $20

15 Monologues for $35

Total Monologue Package for $75



Video footage is taking over the industry. Whether it’s an initial audition, callback, Actor’s Access Intro, or any type of reel, your video game needs to be strong. Do your videos online represent you in the best way possible?

problem solved.

When you are submitting for a project, you want to feel confident and like you are sending the best package you can. You want to feel like your personality leaps off the screen so your viewers feel like they know you.

You should have a reel you are proud of. Quality over quantity, when you are submitting online. I am here to help keep your viewers engaged for the entirety of your video. So you can book that dream project.

1 Minute and under for $25

2 Minutes and under for $35

3 Minutes and over for $50

$10 charge for extra music over Dance Reel

$10 charge for an extra 2 edits per video


Contact Us

All sessions can be done in person, through email, FaceTime, over the phone, basically any platform. Whatever you are most comfortable with. If you have any questions about the packages, sessions and what they entail or would like to book a session, shoot Jenna an email.

I look forward to helping you find your inner light and helping that light shine through. I can not wait to get started working with you and hear you say,

Problem Solved.

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